Sunshine Elite Test Preparation Center

Welcome to Sunshine Elite Test Prep Center! We provides unique high efficient SAT/ACT programs in Bethany area. The whole program is designed to align with the major test dates to ensure students prepare for the test at the best time. We have group lessons and private tutoring to address different needs for test preparation.

SAT Test Prep Package is a 8-week complete test preparation package. The package includes 6 practice tests and 48 hours of classes that covers Reading, Writing, Math and Essay.The SAT full practice test with detailed 20 pages report monitors student's progress. Sunshine usually has the complete SAT package three times a year in Fall, Spring and Summer term. Students may choose the complete package or choose a specific area to focus on.

ACT Practice Test and Review is usually scheduled on Spring term and Summer term at Sunshine. The test reviews focus on addressing students' weakness and learning the ACT test stratigies. There are about 20 ACT practice tests and reviews on weekends around the year.

SAT Sunday Evaluation & Practice Test is to provide more practice oportunities to mock the real test for students who are preparing for the SAT test. The 20 pages test report for each practice test will show students the streghth and weakness. The evaluation test also includes 30 minutes individual face-to-face analysis. The evaluation test is free for the new student who are taking the test first time at Sunshine.

AP/SAT Subjects Prep Classes is usually scheduled on Winter/Spring term and Summer at Sunshine. We provide SAT Subject math 2, AP/SAT Biology, AP/SAT Chemistry, AP/SAT Calculus AB, AP/SAT Calculus BC, AP Physics, etc. We have small size group lessons and also provide private tutoring.

The links to access the current scheduled SAT/ACT programs and register online:

We also provides SSAT/ISEE for private middle school/high school entry exam test and SUMMA CogAt, ITBS Reading/Math Programs for elementary school students.

Here is the recent presentation slides for SUMMA information and Sunshine SUMMA preparation program: SUMMA and SUMMA Preparation