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2022 Winter/Spring Live Online Class

  • 02/08 to 02/08  1 Contest 10:00am-2:30pm $30/exam Location: Online

    2023 AIME I Contest schedule on Feb 7, 2023 Tuesday at 10:15am -1:30pm PT time

    The AIME qualifiers should register for the AIME test using the following link no later than Feb 6:

    The AIME I test will be hold in the following classroom:
    15280 NW Central Dr. Ste 204, Portland, OR 97229

    AIME test is 3 hours long. The test has to be taken between 10:30am to 2:30pm PT time. So we will try to have all students start the contest at 10:30am, and finish it at 1:30pm. 

    Below are more rules and details for AIME test:

    • Participants must take the AIME at the same location where they took the AMC 10 or AMC 12.
    • The test must be proctored by the competition manager.
    • Students will complete a series of competition steps which include sections, such as rules and regulations, the Competition page (featuring a timer), a post-competition integrity form, and final submission page.
    • The competition manager must not answer any questions about the competition and should ensure that no participant has the opportunity to communicate by any means to any other person while the competition is in progress.
    • If there is an urgent need to use the bathroom, all materials should remain with the proctor. No other breaks are permitted.
    • Obtain a supply of #2 pencils and unmarked scratch paper. No aids are permitted other than scratch paper, graph paper, rulers, protractors, and erasers. Calculators and electronic devices of any kind are not allowed. 

    Note: Please be on time. Students who come in 15 minutes later will not be accepted to the exam.

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