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2022 Fall Live Online Class

  • 09/21 to 12/14  24 Classes Monday,Wednesday 3:55pm-4:55pm $495/term In-person only; No class on Nov. 23Location: Rm 2

    Math Level 1-B Syllabus and Class Plan

    The goal of this program is to enhance and add supplemental materials to school-taught objectives. We teach this class to ensure that students fully understand new concepts and methods, while also providing homework to develop understanding and build a love for math. According to student level of performance, we will adjust pacing to various levels and include challenge problems.

    This course uses the Singapore Dimensions Math 1B, which is the refined version of Singapore primary math. Singapore math is the proven top math curriculum for elementary students in the world. It teaches students to learn and master mathematical concepts in great detail while simultaneously applying a three-step learning process: concretepictorial, and abstract

    As an added challenge for advanced students, we will selectively use the following Singapore Math supplementary materials in class: Singapore Math Intensive Practice (1A & 1B for Level 1) or Singapore Challenge Word Problems

    Students in 1st grade usually begin with Dimensions Math 1B in the Winter/Spring term of the school year. Students who finish the 1A math with a 1A final test score of 80% is good to start with level 1B.

    Students may take our free online assessment test for accurate placement before joining the class. You may choose the Singapore math 1A test as the Pretest of this class to find out whether your kid is ready to start math level 1B.  It's normal for students to test lower than their grade level; in contrast, other math programs are not as advanced as the Singapore Math Program. 

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