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2022 Fall Live Online Class

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    09/24 to 12/17  12 Classes Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm $375/term No class on Nov. 26Location: Online1

    This class is a refined skill-based guided writing level 3 class that is taught in a different way: Strength-Focused By Jennifer Rose.

    Writing Level 3 focuses on writing three related paragraphs on one topic.

    We will be building writing skills and grammar systematically for students in grades 3 and 4. Most of the skills are drawn from the higher level of the grade spread, therefore this class is most appropriate for advanced grade 3 students and on-level grade 4 students. Each of our levels has two years worth of skill content. A student can take this level for two years without repeating content! When your student is ready to develop multiple organizational structures, they will move on to Level 4.

    Our "skill-based" program helps children focus on specific writing skills in each class, so students gain mastery skill by skill. They become confident, competent writers. Each term we practice many genres of writing. Each genre builds different skills such as building attention to word choice with poetry and attention to descriptive details with science writing. 

    Meanwhile "guided" writing is highly supported, and enables students to produce complete writing that is well-structured.

    For example, in Level 3, instead of asking a child to write about themselves, a guided writing assignment could provide the following prompts: 1. What is something you like to do? Explain what you like about it or how you do it. 2. What are some important things to know about you? [Choose at least 3 details, such as name, age, family members, school, favorite things]  3. What experiences in your past have been important to you? 4. Complete the sentence: I am the kind of person who _______. 5. What does it feel like to be you? 6. Now write your paragraphs in good order. 

    A child who follows these prompts learns to include explanations, make generalizations, and order paragraphs thoughtfully. They learn specific ending strategies, such as closing with feelings.  

    We will begin each class by building grammar with the Grammar Workshop from Sadlier throughout the year.

    Student Grammar/Workbooks for Strength Writing 3A
    Grammar Workshop for Grade 3 (full year curriculum)

    Grammar Workshop, Tools for Writing image

    Books in PDF will be uploaded to the students' class page before the term starts. You may also buy the textbooks at the group discount price on Sunshine's website via this link:

    Instructor: Jennifer Rose

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