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ARML - American Regions Mathematics League

ARML (American Regions Math League) is the premier national competition for high school math teams, and is the largest, most prestigious, and probably most fun on-site math competition in the United States. It’s annually held simultaneously at four locations in the United States. Teams consist of 15 members, which usually represent a large geographic region (such as a state) or a large population center (such as a major city). Some schools also field teams. The competition is held in June, on the first Saturday after Memorial Day.

For over a decade, Mr. Norse has been coaching high school students from various schools across Oregon, helping them organize and prepare for the ARML competitions. Most of these students are dedicated math enthusiasts with extensive experience in math competitions.

2023-2024 Oregon ARML Competition

This year, we have 3 Oregon ARML teams and the teams are usually having the team practice monthly at WVA classroom on Saturday. 2 Oregon ARML teams were formed to travel to San Diego to compete on June 1st this year. One of our ARML teams won 17 place out of 113 teams this year.


2022-2023 Oregon ARML Competition

We have 2 Oregon ARML teams this year. On June 3rd, 115 teams and over 1600 students from the United States, Canada, Honduras and South Korea competed in the 2023 ARML competition. One of our ARML teams won 3rd place in Division B. Congratulations to the team!